51c54ad09d87013045857a437e7e587bALPHA OMEGA NU 

Alpha Omega Nu serves as a brotherhood/fraternity for masculine-of-center individuals who were born biologically female. The Alpha Omega Nu Brothers are committed to living lives of integrity as we support one another in building character, self-esteem, leadership skills, financial independence and spiritual evolution.

Our Mission

The mission of the organization is to promote education and advocacy while being an influential presence within the community.We are a true family of brothers who lift one another up and hold each other accountable. There is plenty of diversity amongst us but the common thread that we all share is our passion we have toward our community and being a strong positive voice within in it.

Our Goal

Actively increase visibility in our community and educate the public about the journey of transmen, thereby increasing understanding and tolerance all the while paving a peace filled road for coming of age trans brothers



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